To this day, Maldaner’s dedicates itself to the hundred years of excellence and never forgets its historic place in the Springfield community. Not only with tradition, but also by continuing to be leaders in food service.

1884 – John C Maldaner and Charles Frank started Maldaner’s at 216 S 6th St.

1888 – George B Pasfield (great-grandfather of Carolyn Oxtoby > future owner of the 6th St Maldaner’s building in 1976) build the corner building next to the future Maldaner’s.

1890 – John Maldaner bought out Charles Frank.

1892 – The restaurant moved to 505 E Monroe.

1898 – Relocated to 222 S 6th St (its present location).

1905 – Walter Tabor started working at Maldaner’s.

1922 – Walter Tabor became partner.

1924 – John Maldaner passed  (age 71).

1924 – Charles Maldaner (son of John) and Walter ran the business.

1934 – Charles Maldaner died. Walter Tabor became sole owner.

1971 – Walter Tabor passed

1971 – Betty Woods (Walter Tabor’s daughter) ran the business.

1972 – David P Anderson became president.

1974 – Afred R Escobar and his wif Judy became owners.

1976 – Carolyn Oxtoby bought Maldaner’s historic building and renovated it from top to bottom.

1978 – Carolyn Oxtoby became the owner; Larry and Shirley Pisani became restaurant managers.

1982 – Michael and Nancy Higgins became the chefs.

1986 – Michael and Nancy Higgins became managing – chefs.

1995 – Michael and Nancy Higgins became chef – owners.

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