Green Business Certified

Green Business Certified

Green Business CertifiedMaldaner’s Restaurant is Green Business Certified, which means we do everything we can to be as sustainable as possible and reduce our carbon footprint. We achieve this through the use of Solar Panels, a rooftop garden and bee hives.

Maldaner’s also buys fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers and Farmer’s markets.

Solar Panels

Maldaner's Solar PanelsSolar panels allow us to use the suns energy to reduce the amount of coal power needed to operate our restaurant.

From our 56 microinvertors, we can generate between 15 and 20 MWh of energy each year.

Rooftop Garden and Beehives

Rooftop GardenBee Hives

Our rooftop garden and beehives allow us to provide fresh vegetables and honey to our customers. We do this to not only stay sustainable, but to also provide our customers with the freshest possible products.

Not only do we utilize solar panels, a rooftop garden and beehive, but we also purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers and farmer’s markets, along with using biodegradable take home containers and silverware.

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